Sunday, April 18, 2010

Alex Meraz At Supernova In Melbourne Australia

Alex Meraz attended Supernova in Melbourne Australia where  he shared some details with audience during his first Q&A:
  • Alex had not read the books or seen Twilight before he auditioned because he was worried he would love them, and then be disappointed if he didn’t get the role.
  • Once cast as Paul, he went to Chinatown and purchased a dodgy version of Twilight and watched that.
  • His first time meeting Kristen he asked her to sign it which she thought was funny!
  • One of the funniest moments on set was when they were all playing football. Bronson, being the joker he is, did this massive ‘mankick’ and his boot, covered in mud flew off and hit Tyler in the face who had just come out of his trailer after 3 hours of make up prep.  Needles to say the make-up lady was not impressed!
  • One if his most satisfying roles was playing a gay man in Two Spirits, One Journey because it was a really gritty character to play and he enjoys roles like that.
  • His next role involves going to Bosnia and having parts of his head shaved as it is a guy who was raised in a basement, and slits people throats with scissors, really out there kind of bad ass characters like that.
  • In regards to diet, he had to really slim down for a role recently, but he didn’t tell any of his family he was doing it. So they thought he was really affected by the ‘celebrity’ of New Moon. He would tell them he gets mobbed everywhere, until eventually he admitted he was dropping all the weight for a role.  He is now finding it difficult to put weight back on and bulk back up again.
  • He always had a passion for art, but when he was a kid his family couldn’t really afford to buy him supplies. So he would cut off chunks of his hair and tape it to a stick to use as a paintbrush and melt down crayons for paint!  His mom came home to find him like that and sort of had to support him in it so she saved up to buy him supplies.
  • He basically followed his brothers, one liked art, another liked Karate (which Alex went on to get a black belt in) and another liked breakdancing.  Hence Alex having such a varied background because he mimicked them where he could.
  • Sorry Aussies, but he isn’t a fan of vegemite.  Someone gave it to him once telling him it was like nutella or nesquick.
  • His ‘lucky undies’ are red speedos, he wore them to the New Moon audition!
  • He enjoyed holding a Koala but was quite scared doing so. He was more scared of the Emus though. He ended up throwing the food at it rather than letting it eat out of his hand because he was scared it would peck him!!!
  • He was asked if a Werewolf can imprint on a Cougar (as there are a few of us Cougar girls who would like to know)…He said sure!
  • He was asked seeing as Werewolves are hairy if they would like hairy women – he said yeah sure! (Must have been hairy women in the crowd too!)
Alex finished with a magic trick.  He tried to fold our plastic money up but ended up using paper.  He folded it up into a type of three sided square.  He placed it on a girl’s shoulder and asked her to say “wing wing” five times.  She did so and he picked up the paper and held it to his ear and said “hello?” It was seriously hilarious, but doesn’t translate to words very well!

[Source: Becca @TheMerazEffect]


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