Friday, October 14, 2011

Anna Kendrick recalls cold Twilight scenes

(Cover) - EN Movies - Anna Kendrick thinks a chunk of the new Twilight movie budget will go on removing breath clouds from the wedding scene because it was so cold.
The actress is Jessica Stanley in the popular vampire franchise which also stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. 
The penultimate movie, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, is due out next month and sees Edward Cullen marry Bella Swan.
The marriage is eagerly anticipated and Anna hopes the stars did it justice. She explained it was shot in bitter weather conditions, meaning their frozen breath kept appearing on the film
“Oh yeah I would say maybe 40 degree and we’re sort of in little dresses pretending that it’s summer. I think lots of digital breath replacement will be a big part of the budget. Tons,” she laughed. “We’re out in the forest that’s miles away from anything trying to shoot in secrecy to try and prevent any photographs leaking.”
Anna’s latest movie is 50/50, which also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen. It’s loosely based on the real story of Seth’s best friend Will Reiser who found he had cancer in his twenties.
Will wrote the script, and Joseph portrays the lead character Adam in the picture.
Despite the subject matter the release contains a lot of humour. Anna plays Katherine, who has a connection with Adam. The pair never actually lock lips, but Anna still found their intimate scenes hard to shoot.
“It sort of hadn’t occurred to me until we started shooting those scenes. They were really difficult, it’s a lot more difficult to make things look really easy, like you’re really connecting with someone, you have all this chemistry, you just want to keep talking to them,” she told UK TV show This Morning. “I always thought those kinds of scenes would be easy so it didn’t really occur to me. But Jo was amazing… he was really helpful and pointed out that it’s great we got along because it’s a lot harder when you don’t.”
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