Sunday, October 23, 2011

Final Posts From Ashley For Allure Facebook

Friday at 7:55am
Guest editor Ashley Greene: I’m back! I have one last day with you guys before I have to head out, and I want to talk beauty. The best piece of advice anyone’s ever given me when it comes to beauty is that less is more. Makeup should emphasize your features, not cover them up. For example, rather than a full face of foundation, I just spot-treat with concealer (as Mark’s global ambassador, I recommend their Save the Day Concealer Stick) where I need it. 

What about you—what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Check out some more of my favorites in the comments.

Guest editor Ashley Greene: Wear sunscreen every day. My mom taught me this from an early age. If there’s one thing you put on in the morning, it should be SPF to protect your skin. You’ll be thankful later.

Guest editor Ashley Greene: Be yourself. Not every trend is right for every person. When I first started stepping out on the red carpet, I let people talk me into wearing things that didn’t represent me. I learned quickly that when you stay true to yourself, you’ll look and feel your best!

Friday at 11:10am
Guest editor Ashley Greene: You guys asked me some awesome questions this week! I’m going to answer my five favorites in the comments right now, and the fans who asked the questions will win $200 worth of hair, makeup, and skin care products from Mark. Here we go!

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Jennifer Scott asked, “Do you have any tips/techniques that I can use to make my fine, flat hair have more volume and oommpphh like yours?” Dry shampoo is my secret weapon! Spray it on dry hair, at the roots, for instant volume. Also, after curling your hair, flip your head over and mist with a flexible-hold hair spray.

Rachel Payment asked, “Hi, Ashley. How do you find time to keep in shape? Do you hit the gym, take classes, or just work fitness into your daily routine? Either way, you look great without looking famished!” Thanks! I do try to live an active, healthy lifestyle. I hit the gym a few times a week. I constantly look for opportunities to switch it up and keep it fun though! Find something to make exercise enjoyable for you, like a great playlist, an outdoor activity, or working out with a friend!

Maretta Barta asked, “What was your favorite of the Twilight series?” I can’t pick one—it’s like asking a parent to choose a favorite child! I CAN say that I’m really excited to see Breaking Dawn Part 1. The first time I’m going to watch it is at the premiere, on November 14, with the fans!”

Laurel Gawlik asked, “Hey Ashley! So I know that your character is basically responsible for Bella’s makeup at her wedding... Did you learn any new makeup tips for the filming? And if so... could you share them with us? :)” Well, our professional makeup artist did Kristen’s makeup for the scene! But I will give you a general makeup trick I’ve learned from being on set...Use highlighter or a light-colored shadow on the inner corners of your eyes. It will really make them pop! And one of my favorite tools is an eyelash curler because it really opens up your eyes as well.”

Denise Smith asked, “Which of your Twilight castmates do you feel you will always keep in close contact with?” Kellan and I were best friends before the films, and getting to experience the amazing whirlwind that is Twilight together made us even closer. After five films together, the entire cast and crew has really become an extended family, so I hope we all keep in touch.

Friday at 2:02pm
Guest editor Ashley Greene: Bye, everyone! I had so much fun hanging out with all of you this week. Enjoy the November issue and I can’t wait to hear what you think of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn when it comes out November 18. I hope you love it as much as I do!



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