Wednesday, October 19, 2011

GQ "Apologises" For Taylor Lautner's Homophobic Questioning!

GQ Australia have apologised for a recent cover article on Taylor Lautner, which was largely perceived to be homophobic.

The Twilight star was asked about whether he was hit on at a recent dinner he had with director Gus Van Sant and Dustin Lance Black. To which he replied, "No, definitely not... I think they know I'm straight. But they're great guys. They're a lot of fun."

In a rare instance of tact, the magazine took the opportunity to formally apologise today on their Facebook page:
Hi guys,

We’ve seen some of the comments floating around regarding our recent interview with Taylor Lautner and apologise if anyone was offended by anything in the article. It certainly wasn’t our intention to paint anyone in the story as a sexual predator. The point we were actually trying to push was that Taylor is irresistible to virtually everyone – regardless of sexuality or gender. Hence the film crew cheering at his shirtless scenes while shooting Twilight, and Mark Wahlberg deeming him better looking than Leonardo Di Caprio.

Taylor is an extraordinary young gentleman, and we can’t wait to see him achieve even greater success in the future. That’s why he’s on our cover – because GQ Australia prides itself on offering readers the best possible advice and insights that help you be modern, successful gentlemen. Whether you’re into fashion, food, fitness, pop culture, politics, travel, technology or cars GQ Australia strives to provide you with top-quality editorial content that allows you to make your own discerning choices.




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