Friday, October 21, 2011

Kristen: 'Edward thinks Bella's baby is 'Satan's spawn''

IMAGE: Twilight“Twilight” fans  it’s almost here!
With less than one month until “Breaking Dawn — Part 1” hits theaters on Nov. 18, Access Hollywood has three new exclusive features from the set!

In the first, Access goes behind the scenes with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart as they talk about filming the highly anticipated wedding & honeymoon scenes!
“It’s just a relatively momentous moment for the series. It’s been building up and building up — I think Edward has proposed to her about 50 times by now,” Pattinson says in the behind-the-scenes interview. “It’ll be quite nice — at least he doesn’t have to propose anymore!”
“Bella is absolutely certain that she wants to spend forever with Edward but there’s just something with marriage that she’s apprehensive about,” Stewart explained of her character. “There are a few beats right before the wedding actually occurs… there are a few looks from Edward that are kind of unclear to her."
As for the honeymoon, which features the now-infamous headboard-breaking sex scene, Robert explained that things quickly take a dramatic turn.
“It starts off quite nice and just gets progressively worse,” he laughed.
Indeed, the honeymoon gets cut short when Bella finds out she’s pregnant.
“Bella obviously wants to have the baby and Edward is just terrified of it and thinks it will destroy her and thinks that she’s ridiculous for thinking she’s strong enough to have a vampire baby. He thinks it’s just like Satan’s spawn, because that’s how he feels about himself,” Stewart explained of the dramatic revelation. 

In the second exclusive, Taylor Lautner sits down to talk about the evolution of his character, Jacob Black, and also reveals what he thinks the fans will love most about the final chapters in the film saga.
“Towards the beginning of the movie, he’s still the same Jacob he always has been. He’s jealous. He’s still in to Bella and he’s hot-headed. Throughout the movie, he matures a ton,” Lautner explained of his werewolf character.
“I think the most exciting thing [fans] can expect from ‘Breaking Dawn’ is seeing all of the characters in a different light. All of the characters change so much from the beginning of the movie until the end,” he revealed. “I think it’s going to be really exciting to see.”

Finally, singer Christina Perri — a self-proclaimed Twi-hard who lends her voice to the film’s soundtrack — sits down to talk about writing the official love song for Edward and Bella, “A Thousand Years,” and the special connection it has to the film.
“I actually recorded the song on August 13, which is when Edward and Bella get married in the story, so it’s pretty magical,” she revealed.
As for the song, Perri said it’s a track she’s extremely “proud” of.
“It’s classical and it’s really romantic and it’s really pretty and simple. It’s probably the simplest song I have and one of the prettiest that I’ve ever written,” Perri says.


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