Wednesday, November 9, 2011

kellan Lutz: I grinned through Immortals

Kellan Lutz has revealed he enjoyed filming Immortals so much, he couldn't stop smiling.
The Twilight actor, who plays Greek god Poseidon in Tarsem Singh's action adventure, couldn't resist beaming throughout the shoot, even during the fighting scenes - which didn't go unnoticed by the camera crew.
"Everything just got me more excited - especially when I was fighting, because they could see my eyes crinkling up behind the masks. I was just having so much fun kicking butt," he said.
Kellan, who stars opposite Henry Cavill, Stephen Dorff and Frieda Pinto, said Immortals - which opens in cinemas on November 11 - is one of the most original scripts he has ever read.
"I'm really stoked for it. I am very much into these movies, I love big action movies like Immortals, but this one is so original so it's fun," he continued.
"Like Clash Of The Titans, you already know what is going to happen, because there's been another movie and it was a remake. When I read this script, I thought, 'This is an amazing concept!' The writers did an amazing job and then to have Tarsem put his vision on it, it's just really cool."
He added: "So shooting it, seeing what Tarsem drew up, seeing the stages, seeing the computerised graphs of what he wants to do, and then working with the stunt guys, it was just really special."



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