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Nikki Reed: The Twilight Star You Need to Know

By Melissa Leaman (USA)

Twilight viewers know Nikki Reed as Rosalie Cullen, the vampire with attitude and a love for children. But her true fans know and love Nikki for far more than her role in one of the biggest movie franchises in the decade. As a celebrity, many young actresses choose to close themselves off from fans or limit their exposure. Nikki instead has embraced her fans, showing up at conventions, signing autographs for hours and even sharing her thoughts with the world through her blog, IamNikkiReed.com. Since, the basics of Nikki’s career are more well known thanks to the Twilight series, I thought I’d take a page from Nikki herself and introduce you to her through her name. Who knows, even the most diehard fans might learn something new. So, ladies and gentlemen, meet Nikki Houston Reed.

Nylon magazine featured Nikki with Twilight costar, Kellan Lutz.
IamNikkiReed.com is Nikki’s personal blog, a place where you can read what she is thinking about, the latest news on her career, even get book recommendations from her. If a blog isn’t enough, check out Nikki’s twitter (@NikkiReed_I_Am) for the latest scoop.
Kauai, an island in Hawaii was Nikki’s home for a while between acting jobs. She tells the story as “He brought up a very valid point, which is that I’d never worked a normal job. I’ve worked hard; I’ve been living on my own since I was 14. But I didn’t know what it was like to make minimum wage,” she says. It was a humbling experience. “I walked around, and I was giving my resumé, which had nothing on it, to department stores just because my brother sort of bet me to see how long it would take me to get a job. And it was really difficult. I was pulling the whole, ‘But I’m an actor, and maybe you would’ve seen something I’ve done.’” Nikki worked in a clothing store and while she probably wouldn’t need to work so hard for the job now, it’s nice to know even she shared the annoyance of the time clock with the rest of us.

Keith Bedford took this early pic of Nikki in 2003.
Interest in her fans. Many actors and actresses don’t have an interest in their fans but Nikki is quite the opposite. She even showed up at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con several hours before the Breaking Dawn panel to sign autographs for fans who had waited in line for days to see the stars.
Hanson has been a love of Nikki’s in the past. The pop band of brothers, Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson are favorites of the actress. "I am currently obsessing hard over Hanson. I’ve even written them fan girl letters. I’m not kidding." says Nikki in an interview.
O.C. starred Nikki in a six episode stint in 2006. Nikki played a temporary love interest for Ryan Atwood. But the real fun is in who else played in the OC with Nikki. Cam Gigandet, Justin Chon and Jackson Rathbone all had roles on the show before starring in Twilight.

US Weekly featured Nikki in a photoshoot in 2010.
Sketching is one of Nikki’s favorite pastimes. She shared in her blog that she has always loved to draw. One of the things I do when I’m alone on location is draw. I love to sketch, although I’m far from gifted.
Thirteen, the movie that catapulted Nikki to fame was not only a starring role for Nikki but a writing one. She co-wrote the screenplay with Catherine Hardwicke, who would later direct Nikki in the first Twilight installment. The screenplay won the Nantucket Film Festival Award and was nominated for multiple other awards. Nikki and Catherine weren’t the only ones involved with Thirteen who would head to vampires next. Sarah Clarke joined the Twilight cast as Renee and Evan Rachel Wood starred as a queen vampire on True Blood.

OOh my vampire! Nikki joined Twilight cast stars in this vamped out photo for Vanity Fair.
Need a cause? Join Nikki’s been a part of Do Something, an organization that encourages young people to Do Something to help others and not leave it to adults. Nikki partnered with Do Something and Staples to provide school supplies for kids who couldn’t afford their own. “Do Something 101 has done an amazing job in its first two years, and I’m dedicated to making this campaign the best yet,” said Nikki Reed. “Every donated pencil, notebook and other supplies add up to make a big difference in improving education.”
Read with Reed! Try out Nikki’s favorite book, “The Fall” by Albert Camus during the holidays this year. Other books Nikki’s enjoyed include “Just Kids” by Patti Smith and “A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier” by Ishmael Beah.

Eliza, a fashion magazine named after the My Fair Lady character Eliza Doolittle, featured Nikki.
Edie Sedgwick, a muse of Andy Warhol was the inspiration for Sage’s music video. (Sage is a budding artist and friend of Nikki’s.) Nikki directed the music video which you can watch on YouTube. We chose not to include it here as the content is mature..
Dedication is perhaps the best way to sum up Nikki. Eight years ago she was dubbed the “One to Watch” by the Young Hollywood Awards. In 2010, she again was in a similar category, this time “Superstar in the Making”. The world knows that Nikki is a star on the rise and she has the dedication to her craft and her fans to make it all the way.
Special thanks to Nikkireedfan.com for being a wonderful resource on Nikki. All the pictures included here were found at the site. Be sure to visit them for more on Nikki.




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