Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Blog About the Set Visit to Pan Am

My Final Trip to the Pan Am Set

After Sunday’s night episode I was excited to read on OnLocationVacations.comthat Pan Am would be doing some exterior filming in midtown on Monday morning. I had mentioned in my last blog about visiting the set that I would attempt to see them film this final episode and hopefully meet Kelli Garner or Christina Ricci. Well, unfortunately things did not go as planned. I woke up early, and got to the set at Gramercy Park. I knew I was in the right place when I saw the street was lined with old cars. I have to say seeing the street filled with people in their 1960′s garb, the classic cars and the other touches they use to create the atmosphere is the coolest thing about visiting the set. They were all set up for the shot and I kept searching for any sign of the cast. As I watched them get ready to roll, I saw a flurry of action behind me and turned around to come face to face with Michael Mosley and Ashley Greene.
Now, I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I was disappointed when I first saw Michael and Ashley. As you know, I have seen the two of them film before and the show is about fabulous stewardesses. So I was bummed when none of the Fly Girls were on set. I watched as they got into place, it was a close up so Ashley ditched her pumps for a pair of Ugg boots. Smart girl. They ran through the scene three of four times, I read that an on set spy was quoted as saying they filmed a romantic scene. That isn’t what I got from watching it.  It looked to me that Ted breaks up with Amanda on the street. When she sees him, she runs over and greets him with “oh Teddy!”, she goes to hug him and he stops her. Then they talk for a while before he walks away, from the look on Ashley’s face as he walks away, it seemed like she was getting some bad news. When the scene was done, Michael and Ashley briefly chatted and then hugged before Ashley left set. Seeing them so chummy kind of dispelled those rumors that Ashley was a big on-set diva. I’d also like to add, the production staff who walked her from her trailer to set were constantly chatting with her and always smiling when in her company.
Now, my question is. What does the break up mean for Ted and Laura? The scene is scheduled to appear in the fourteenth and final episode of Pan Am airing next month. Does Ted break with Amanda, and then finally get togehter with Laura? Is there time for all of this? I certainly hope so! As much as I love Pan Am, a look at the recent numbers pretty much confirms that it won’t be back next season, which is very sad. Especially with the leaps and bounds its made in its storylines lately. The last episode in Russia? Holy cow. It was amazing. But, the fate seems to be written so all I can hope for at this point is for an amazing final three episodes and a finale that leaves open the possibility of a second season in case of a miracle but not one with cliffhangers. After they wrapped this scene, they went to set up for an interior scene between Ted and his father according to a friend I made on set. She also informed me that Mike Vogel would be filming a scene later in the day. As much as I love Mike and wanted to yell at him for what Dean did to Colette I was not waiting around for hours. I did however, get to meet Ashley. Now, she has not been my favorite in the past. I’ve met her before, and she was nice enough but never over the top sweet. I was pleasantly surprised this time. We had a lovely chat about the show, Amanda’s lesbianism (which she thought was such a surprise she even kept it from her family and friends!) and how much she enjoyed working on the episodes. As we were talking, she had a big smile on her face, kept eye contact and even rubbed my back. Don’t be surprised if you see me tweet that Ashley and I are hanging out. I got the feeling we’re best friends.
After my meeting with Ashley, my on-set informant told me that that day was the last day of filming on location. Apparently, yesterday they filmed the final scenes of the episode and the season on set in Brooklyn. I once again want to thank everyone who works on Pan Am for the great work that they do and for being so nice to on-set lookie loos like me. I am so excited to see what Pan Am has in store for us, especially now that I have seen that Ted and Amanda break up. As for what happens with Ted and Laura, Dean and Colette and the rest of our flight crew I guess we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for us. We better buckle up, adventure calls.


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