Friday, January 13, 2012

MTV: Peter Facinelli Could Swipe Your Wallet, But He Won't

Forget the Volturi. In "Twilight" star Peter Facinelli's screenwriting debut, "Loosies," the actor's traded in villainous vamps for a more real (albeit, less toothy) foe: NYPD's finest. Facinelli plays Bobby, a charismatic pickpocket who roams the New York City subway looking for hapless marks while alluding the cop whose badge he pilfered. The script took Facinelli only three weeks to write, but seven years to bring to the big-screen, giving him plenty of time to prepare—including mastering his character's career skills.
"I worked with a magician. I tried to keep it all on the up and up," Facinelli told MTV News when asked if he consulted any real-life lifters for authenticity. "His forte was pickpocketing, so he taught me how to swipe watches. It's very much a distraction. You distract them in one area and go for the other area. And then I just practiced on crew members."

Facinelli's training clearly paid off judging from the romantic caper's many blick-and-you'll-miss-it snatching scenes. But don't fret too much if you ever find yourself face to face with the actor on a crowded train: he said his new-found talent hasn't left the back lot.
"I've been tempted," Facinelli said about practicing on bystanders. "People on the subway, they have their purses wide open. They sit there with their wallets and cell phones hanging out. It'd be so easy to go and have a second job as a pick-pocket on the side. But it's illegal and frowned upon by most societies."
"Loosies" is in theaters now.



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