Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kristen's Customized Vans For A Good Cause


D.I.Y. Vans, win money for your school. (Plus, see Kristen Stewart's design!) 

Confession: we’re all guilty of scribbling all over our Vans slip-ons. With a fresh white blank canvas, it’s kind of impossible not to- which is one of the reasons why these insanely comfy sneakers are a permanent staple in our closet. Turns out everyone from Kristen Stewart to Conan to Lucy Hale feel the same way, since they’re teaming up with the company for Vans Custom Culture, an outreach to raise money for educational art programs. They’ve lent their designs as inspiration for students everywhere to draw on their own pairs of sneakers for a chance to win $50,000 donation for their school. Besides the fact that it gives you a valid excuse to break out the markers and channel your inner 10-year-old, the contest is a total no-brainer because it’s for a good cause. 

*If you’re in high school, click here to find out more and enter*

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