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NextMovie: Why Edward & Bella Top Jack & Rose

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1I'll admit, "Titanic" is one of my all-time favorite movies. When it first came out, I was that 13-year-old in the theater weeping as Jack Dawson sank into the watery abyss; I was that girl with ripped out magazine pics of Leo taped up all over my closet door. But even the "Titanic" twosome didn’t whip me into frenzy quite like "Twilight."
Put it this way: I've been writing a "Twilight" fan column for three years now. So, I am happy to disagree with my colleague's assertion that Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet (Jack and Rose) are a better pairing than Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (Edward and Bella).
Here are a few points as to why.

Instant Attraction

Rob and Kristen are both extremely beautiful creatures. From their first curious eye contact across the cafeteria in "Twilight," it became clear that these two would become something special for Hollywood. Whereas Rose was busy turning up her nose at Jack on the lido deck and seeking an out from her opulent life, Bella and Edward's curiosity about each other was piqued at the outset … though for very different reasons. Consequently, the world became as instantly enamored with Bella and Edward as they were with one another, and R.Pattz and K-Stew became A-listers with household names right away (and no one had to get naked on the couch for that to happen, either).

Screen Chemistry

Rob and Kristen have undeniable on-screen (and, so they say, off-screen) chemistry. Sure Leo and Kate played a cute -- albeit ill-fated -- couple, but they only had one movie's worth of screentime to make gooey eyes at one another. When all is said and done, there'll have been about 10 hours of supernatural seduction to speak of with the "Twilight" duo.
There's also the hunk factor to consider here. "Titanic" was definitely made during Leo's hunky heyday, but given R.Pattz's soft English accent, touchable tresses and self-deprecating humor, he's got it going on. And have you ever heard him sing? Oh, that's right. Of course you have; Rob's luscious vocals were featured twice on the "Twilight" soundtrack.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn"The Love Story

The romance of Bella and Edward is one for the ages. Not only is their passion for one another intense and all-consuming, but it also completely alters the meaning of forever. All I'm saying is immortal eternity lasts a lot longer than a boat ride across the Atlantic (especially when it crashes halfway).

Cultural Impact

There were only four "Twilight" books for source material, but the proven audience allure of Rob and Kristen as Edward and Bella convinced the studio to stretch the film series into five installments. Sure, "Titanic" has been re-mastered for 3-D, and it held the all-time gross title until "Avatar" came along, but the franchise potential for it went down with the ship. Leo and Kate tried to reconnect for 2008's "Revolutionary Road," but it wasn't nearly as successful as their prior box-office pairing. Also, no one's clamoring to make a "Titanic" fan-fiction movie, are they?


Nothing, and I do mean nothing, compares to the fan fervor surrounding Rob, Kristen and the rest of the "Twilight" gang. It outpaces, out-screams, and out-devotes anything and everything else. The L.A. premieres nearly put Occupy Wall Street to shame, with fans lining up by the hundreds and camping out for days just to catch a glimpse of the cast all dolled up. No one stands a chance in a vote-off against Rob and Kristen, as proven time and time again in the MTV Movie Awards' yearly "Best Kiss" race, and there's a now-old adage that if either of them were to ever join Twitter, the social network would literally explode. It's probably true. "Twilight," simply put, has defined fandemonium.


Leo and Kate as Jack and Rose will always hold a special place as that sappy, tragic couple, but Rob and Kristen as Edward and Bella stand alone as the eternal romance. Seriously. How do you beat that?

-- Amanda Bell



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