Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Young Hollywood Celebrities Victims of Bullying: From Selena Gomez to Kristen Stewart

Contrary to what fans think of their favorite Hollywood celebrities being born perfect and all, it did not start out as awesome and easy for them.

Before they were hailed as the brightest stars in Hollywood today, actresses from the biggest film franchise and the music industry were subject to bullying. "Twilight's" Kristen Stewart and "Harry Potter's" Emma Watson are just a few A-list celebrities who had dealt with the emotional and physical trauma of bullying.

With the highly acclaimed film, "Bully" directed by Sundance and Emmy-award winning filmmaker, Lee Hirsch, soon to hit the big screen, every single person around the world will finally see the turmoil and emotional trauma kids who are bullied are subject to.

Though a few had given out negative reactions to the film's airing, Hollywood celebrities who have been bullied themselves have supported the film's release.

One iconic singing superstar that had voiced out his support over the film and lent his song "Born to Be Somebody" is none other than Canadian popstar, Justin Bieber. While fans know of his struggles being raised by a single mom, the 18-year old surprisingly opened up on Showbiz Tonight about being a victim of bullying.

"I was bullied," said Bieber. "Most people in their lifetime have been bullied at some point. I think that it's about time that people start making a change. A lot of the time, principals let it go, or teachers let it go, or other students just let it go, but I think this movie's really powerful and can help change a lot of lives."    

Justin Bieber's girlfriend, Selena Gomez was also a victim of bullying. Other celebrities in close ties with Bieber and Gomez who have also been victims of bullying are country singer, Taylor Swift, and Demi Lovato. Taylor Swift even had the chance-encounter with her junior high bullies.

"They showed up, wearing my T-shirts and asking me to sign their CDs," shared Swift. "It was bittersweet, because it made me realize that they didn't remember being mean to me and that I needed to forget about it too ... Really, if I hadn't come home from school miserable every day, maybe I wouldn't have been so motivated to write songs. I should probably thank them!"

"Twilight's" drop-dead gorgeous trio, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner were also victims of bullying.

"I'm glad I could do those films and I was glad to leave school. I couldn't relate to kids my own age. They are mean and don't give you any chance. I was never the type of girl to be walking around talking about acting, so in the beginning I didn't get hassled, until someone realized. I tried to play it down but I got, 'Oh, she's such a bitch.' Since I was 14, I continued my education via correspondence while concentrating on my career. The day I did the graduation scene in 'Eclipse,' I had just finished high school myself the week before," shared Stewart on being bullied back in high school.

Kristen Stewart's onscreen and off screen beau also got the same bullying treatment.

"I got beaten up by a lot of people when I was younger," said Pattinson in his March interview with Parade.com.

The charming werewolf played by Taylor Lautner also had a few bullying issues back in school.

"Because I was an actor, when I was in school there was a little bullying going on," said Lautner in an interview with Rolling Stone. "Not physical bullying but people making fun of what I do ... I just had to tell myself I can't let this get to me. This is what I love to do. And I'm going to continue to do it."

Two of "Harry Potter's" Golden Trio namely Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe were also subject to bullying. Emma Watson who had enrolled at the Ivy League University, Brown, had to drop out of classes due to bullying. Radcliffe on the other hand had been bullied at the age of 14.

"I wasn't the most popular kid because they wanted to give me a lot of c**p and I wasn't willing to take it," shared Radcliffe in an interview with The Mirror.

Tom Felton who plays the villain Slytherin student, Draco Malfoy, was actually a victim of a few villains in real life.

"I would miss months of school and then return with bright blond hair. Needless to say, there was bullying. I wasn't beaten up daily, but there was name-calling and jealousy," said Tom.

Given what these celebrities had to go through to where they are all now, bullying had affected them at one point in their lives and it continues to taunt them. Still, these experiences help them to create music and films where their fans can easily connect to plus each celebrity has given an aid to victims of bullying and are all fighting against the harassment.



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