Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adele's music fired up Kristen to play Snow White

Ironically, I'm listening to Adele on my Ipod as I am working on this (my Ipod knows me very well.)

Story Image “How do I compare Bella from ‘Breaking Dawn’ with Snow White?” she poses. “I guess the only actual comparison — and a million could be drawn — is that they are both very, very strong matriarchs that need to find that position in life. They’re both icons.”
Her inspiration for the role came from an unlikely source.
“I had Adele on my iPod all the time while doing Snow White,” she says. “I choreographed whole marches with the army behind me to Adele in my one ear.
“Adele is really good for the Snow White story. Almost oddly good. She hits the nail on the head for me, and her words are incredible.
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