Sunday, November 13, 2011

Robert Pattinson: 'Harry Potter' Fans Don't Compare To 'Twilight' Fans

'Breaking Dawn' director Bill Condon wasn't the only one dropping bombs at the live panel discussion at the Official Twilight Convention in L.A. over the weekend.Robert Pattinson put 'Harry Potter' fans on blast when he said they didn't hold a candle to the 'Twilight' fans he's met over the years while promoting the franchise.

"We've been doing press for the last two days and it's the most insanely boring thing in the world, and then we come do something like this and people are screaming, 'Pull your pants down!' or whatever... it does make it exciting," he said.

Rob went on to say he thinks 'Twilight' fans are more fanatical than fans of any other series, including... wait for it, 'Harry Potter.'

"Twilight fans, I have never seen fanatics for other series that even compare to this," he said. "I did a 'Harry Potter' movie and the fans of that, they like 'Harry Potter,' but they're not like.. [pauses as people start cheering]... you're screaming because you're 'Harry Potter' fans, I'm just about to put you down. There's no comparison to 'Twilight' fans, they're literally on the verge of being clinically insane. But it makes premieres and stuff absolutely amazing experiences, it's like being hit by a tidal wave and it's been a lot of fun over the years."

What do you think, do you agree? Or are you one of the 'Harry Potter' fans who goes nuts over Daniel, Rupert and Emma, not Rob, Taylor and Kristen? Also, should Rob try to land a Tribute role in either 'Catching Fire' or 'Mockingjay' so he can appear in that teen trilogy as well?
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