Friday, February 17, 2012

Interview: Booboo Stewart Loves Gaming

Interview: "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" Star Booboo Stewart Loves Gaming
How did you spend your Valentine's night? If your girl is a Twilight fanatic, chances are you found yourself stuck at home pretending to watch Breaking Dawn Part 1, which just hit Blu-ray/DVD this past weekend. With Breaking Dawn now the most successful in The Twilight Saga franchise, one of the film’s breakout stars is actor Booboo Stewart—he plays werewolf Seth Clearwater in the two-part finale (the last film hits theaters later this year). But what the actor really loves is video games. In this recent interview, Booboo talks about his first experience at E3 this year, why guys might actually like Breaking Dawn, and his ongoing struggle to stay alive in Call of Duty: Black Ops...
For the majority of guys that haven’t gotten into this whole Twilight thing, what are some reasons they might enjoy these last two Breaking Dawn flicks?Breaking Dawn definitely is the most guy-friendly movie in the Twilight series. There’s a lot of really cool action in it between the vampires and the wolves. There’s all of this fighting and everything, which should appeal to the male audience.
Can you talk a little bit about your character in Breaking Dawn?My character’s name is Seth Clearwater. He is like the peacemaker of the movie. He’s one of the few characters that actually gets along with everybody and wants everyone to get along. 
What video games did you play growing up?Definitely Street Fighter on the old Nintendo, where the controller was an oval and when the games didn’t work you’d have to hit in hard. And if that didn’t work you had to blow on the cartridge.

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