When Kristen Stewart flew into Los Angeles from London last November, where she was filming Snow White and the Huntsman, to do a week of press leading up to the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part One, fans were buzzing about the mysterious hand brace she sported during numerous interviews. She later told Jay Leno the injury came from accidentally punching her SWATH costar, Chris Hemsworth, during filming an action sequence for the film. Now we can reveal that we were one of a handful of media outlets on set that day back in November and had a chance to interview Kristen and Chris after the stunt-gone-wrong went down.

"It's actually a very confidence-building experience," Kristen told us. "I always imagined the... I don't like punching anyone. So, you know when you dream and your hand just slides right down their face, it doesn't do that in real life. It really works. God, that really made me feel horrible, though. I mean, like instantly hot tears and I was like, 'Oops.'"

After filming an forest scene where Chris and Kristen are tied up and hanging from a tree by their ankles, the pair re-watched the punching scene, which was shot earlier in the day, on the monitors with director Rupert Sanders. Kristen then retold the story to one of the film's producers, Joe Roth
(pictured above) when he arrived on set and Chris walked over to where we were standing where we asked him for his side of the story.

"We misjudged one another and I head-butted her fist with my nose, which didn't turn out too well for me," Chris said while pointing out the "swelling going on with my nose."

Aside from the punching incident, the pair revealed they actually got along really well and enjoyed working together on the film.

"She's great," Chris said. "You know, we both loved the script from the beginning. I think we both read it and had a huge amount of excitement coming into it."

He went on to compliment Kristen's meticulous attention to detail while filming scenes together.

"She leaves no stone unturned and is sort of prepped with the script," he said. "She's always asking questions and trying to find out what's the real truth within the scene, which is great -- it keeps you on your toes and the scenes are all the better for it."

In the movie,
due out this summer, Chris plays the Huntsman, dispatched by the kingdom's evil queen Ravenna (Charlize Theron) to kill Snow White. However, Snow White ends up being trained in the art of war, by the Huntsman, in hopes of being able to dethrone her. Kristen told us the role of the Huntsman evolved after Chris became attached.

"It really did change so much," she said. "And so when he came in it was like, 'Wow! This is f***ing interesting!' I mean, it was like they really elevated it. I mean, Chris is an amazing, nice guy and also like, f***ing great instincts and he can roll with everything on set. He's really relaxed, whereas I'm always like, 'Oh my God!' -- I use my anxiety to do this and he's always sort of like... he's a good energy for me. I really like working with him."

As for the face-punching scene, Kristen is definitely a fan of the final result, "It looks... it'll be in the movie."