Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Tyson Houseman Interview and Article

Member of the pack

Getting the role of Quil Ateara in the Twilight movie saga turbo-charged young Tyson Houseman's acting career.
Houseman was the keynote speaker at the Waubetek Aboriginal Youth Business Conference last week at the Radisson Hotel. Aboriginal youth from across northeastern Ontario attended workshops on starting their own business.
Houseman doesn't have a profound message to share other than to go after your dreams.
"I had just moved to Vancouver after high school, broke and looking for work, when I found the casting call on Craigslist," said Houseman. "I never felt like I had a chance, but that's what helped.
"I never put pressure on myself and never had any expectations."
Houseman says his first day on the set was nerve-wracking, but everyone was very welcoming and gracious.
To prepare the 'wolf pack' for Twilight, the five members spent every day working out together with a personal trainer and bonding as a unit.
His life as Quil has brought many opportunities, including meeting his high school crush, lead singer Emily Haines for Metric, a Canadian band that was featured on the soundtrack for Twilight. But the biggest benefit is a major leap into a successful career in film.
Although attending university in Montreal for acting, he continues to travel all over the world with the pack for Twilight conventions.
Houseman comes from entertainment roots though; his father, comedian Howie Miller -- who joined him as the opening act for his keynote address -- had his four sons watch him build his career as a comic.
Miller was nominated for a Gemini award in 2009 for the sketch comedy show Caution: May Contain Nuts, and has performed with Russell Peters.
Only a teenager when Tyson was born, Miller jokes that "his mother and I are the poster children for teenage pregnancy. See what happened to us, our son is a movie star."
But Miller is very proud of how his son has handled the instant fame and has steered away from the turbulent road that some young new actors follow.
"When Tyson wanted to change to the arts in high school, we were butting heads. Didn't like the part of town it was in, but it was his choice. It ended up being great for him," said Miller.
"We are so proud of his groundedness."



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